Breathtakingly unique designs specially suited to your preferred style that will give life to your surroundings.


We have one of the best project preliminary drafts wherein we show clients our full vision and take every detail into consideration to make sure the way they imagine their residence is the final product given.


From furniture and lighting to design, accessories, and wall painting, we make sure your home is a fresco of harmony that will blow every visitor’s mind and where you’ll feel comfortable living.


The Studio

Perched on the side of a mountain deep within Chouf just below the village of Deir-El-Kamar, our 600 sqm studio overlooks a sparsely inhabited valley intermittently covered by pine trees. A sanctuary dedicated to relentless work, it’s where the creative process takes place. In addition, it also includes our own factory where all woodwork is carefully produced from the finest quality products and where all artisanal craft works like mosaics, painted glass (vitrail) & paintings are fashioned by the hands of our talented craftsmen.