Our Story

Since July 1990, Point d’Art is an international firm for architecture, planning, and design lead by Antoine G. Yazbeck. Recognized for excellence in design, technological innovation, and dedication to client service, our mission is to plan and design spaces that enhance the quality of life and contribute value to the built environment. We believe that good design is the physical expression of sound ideas; imagination, creativity, aligning ourselves with our clients’ goals, and delivering services that meet their quality, schedule, and cost objectives.

Mission & Vision

There are relentless endless hours of work in creativity, but without creativity design is stale. Our firm aims to create unique concepts merging between innovation and tradition, providing a unique blend of ideas lying anywhere between post-modernist and traditional culturally rich designs. We tackle projects of all scales with zest taking into consideration the environment surrounding them as much as the client’s preferences in order to create a seamless equilibrium while still giving a characteristic panache. With experience extending over two decades we always aim to maintain the highest dedication and level of performance to always improve the way we serve our clients.

Meet the family Team

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Antoine Yazbeck

Interior Architect

Production Designer

Founder & CEO

Charbel Yazbeck

Interior Architect

Vice President

Tchina Yazbeck

The Painter